Nightingales Home Health Services announces foray into Chennai, adds 5th city to its network

Solo - Mr. Vishal Bali, Co-Founder and Chairman, Medwell Ventures

Nightingales Home Health Services will now enable the residents of Chennai with speciality led services at their door step

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Chennai, May 10th, 2018: Nightingales Home Health Services, a Medwell Ventures company, which has pioneered the speciality-led home healthcare service delivery, announced its entry into Chennai. After successfully establishing a deep presence in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune and Hyderabad markets, Nightingales has established its first branch in the centrally located area of Adyar in Chennai. A multi disciplinary and experienced  team will provide comprehensive healthcare services at home including visits by doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, respiratory therapists and wound care therapists. Nightingales has established specialised protocols for management of patients with strokes, COPD, Congestive heart failure, diabetic wounds and musculoskeletal issues at their home.

 Nightingales has a 22 year history in home health in Bangalore and since its acquisition by Medwell Ventures the company has transformed its services and has been on rapid expansion across key metros in the country. Mr Vishal Bali, Co-founder & Chairman, Medwell Ventures saidIndia is going through a transformation in its healthcare delivery ecosystem and speciality led home healthcare services with a focus on chronic diseases will play a key role in this transformation. Heart diseases, COPD, Strokes, Cancers and Diabetes are 60% cause of mortality in the country. Non Communicable Disease’s (NCD’s) scale to become chronic diseases and currently account for 40% of all hospital stays and 35% of OPD visits. Our model of home healthcare through Nightingales aims to reduce recurrent hospitalisation of patients with chronic diseases by devising personalised care plans for their management at home. NCD’s and neurohealth issues will cost India $4.58 trillion by 2030 and will cause huge health affordability issues. ”.

 Nightingales currently provides deep coverage through its network of 16 branches across cities. Some of its branches also provide on site physiotherapy services in conjuction with home physiotherapy to provide patients with the continnum of care. Nightingales sets up operations in Chennai at a time where Tamil Nadu has the highest death rate due to lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes and Kidney Disease.

 “Chronic diseases are a key healthcare issue in Chennai with a high re-hospitalisation rate. We are bringing to Chennai our extensive experience of home based care protocols and a well qualified clinical, paraclinical and professional management team.  Our Adyar branch will cover 3.2-3.5 million people and subsequent branches will come up in other parts of Chennai. With more than 60% of hospital beds currently present in central Chennai we see post hospitalisation care as an integral offering from Nightingales”, said Mr. Narasimha Jayakumar , CEO, Nightingales.

 The Nightingales Home Healthcare business has grown from a single branch in Bengaluru in 2014 to 16 branches across 5 cities with a full-time team of over 1,000 medical, paramedical, and healthcare professionals. Nightingales provides over 25000 home health services in a month across its spectrum of care plans and currently has more than 500 post stroke patients under its care delivery. Nightingales also provides an innovative home dentistry service for the elderly and has served thousands of patients across 4 cities.

 Commenting on the Chennai launch, Mr. Narasimha Jayakumar, CEO, Nightingales also said, “As a technology-based home healthcare company we see our services expand to more than 10 cities in India with multiple branches in each city. Our model of home healthcare is highly differentiated by its clinical focus and we will continue to expand our portfolio of services based on patient centric needs “

 In May 2015, Eight Roads Ventures (Formally known as Fidelity Growth Partners) led $10 million in Series A round in Medwell Ventures followed by a series B-round $ 21mn in 2017 by Mahindra Partners. The company has overall raised about $35 million across its seed, series A, and series B rounds.


About Nightingales Home Health Services

Nightingales has been in the home health sector since 1996 in Bangalore. Post the acquisition of the company by Medwell it has  developed a strong focus on specialty home healthcare services in chronic diseases including pulmonology, cardiology, neurology, metabolic diseases, orthopaedics, geriatrics and post-operative rehabilitation making it India’s leading home health company. Additional services are being introduced, including remote health monitoring, tele-health, diagnostics, rehabilitation and wellness therapeutics. Nightingales ensures excellence in patient health outcomes through a validated protocol and care plan approach for chronic diseases including congestive heart failure, stroke management, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders, wound care management for diabetics, dementia care, Alzheimer’s care and chronic arthritic pain management. The company has recently established a successful home dentistry program. Nightingales has also built relationships with key medical technology providers to enhance its reach and effectiveness of service delivery. Nightingales aims to establish a home healthcare delivery network in 10 Indian metro clusters and increase its subscriber base to over 500,000 families.