The Food of Chennai Has Changed A Lot In The Last 25 Years  says Kanimozhi, Member of Parliament 


The Food in Chennai is uniquely different says Kanimozhi, the Member of Parliament

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If you are one of those who love hopping around and exploring places for food then you should definitely head to Chennai.  The city of Chennai not only offers you dosas, filter coffees and idlis but also pakodas, Thai and Korean food, pastries, etc.


In conversation with Kanimozhi with us about Chennai Times #FlirtWithYourCity campaign, she revealed, “Not many know that there is a peculiar biryani from Chennai and also the dish Chicken65 has originated from Chennai. Even sweets like KadalaiMithai from Kovilapatti is non identical like the ones available anywhere else. My preference is always the Jigarthanda, which originated in Madhurai.”


Kanimozhi said, “The food culture in Chennai has become very vibrant unlike it was 25 years ago. It earlier used to serve only idlis and dosas but now has a variety to serve the audience. Even for the late night hoggers, the places are open till 4 at night.  The simplest of dishes like the puris available in Chennai is served in a very different way from rest of the country.” She mentioned that she only wishes that the standard of street food should be more hygienic so more people can come and gorge into it.