Sourav Ganguly visits homesacross Kolkata to spread theComplan #KomproteinCholbeNa movement

Dada walks the streets of Kolkata with Complan to tell all kids and parents why #KomProteinCholbeNa

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Kolkata, June 2018:Recently, Complan launched their#KomProteinCholbeNa movement along with Sourav Ganguly,aiming to raise protein awareness across India, starting with West Bengal. The campaign is led by the single point agenda of educating parents about the importance of protein for their children and help them make informed food choices.

Sourav Ganguly, a Complan boy himself, went to homes across Kolkata on Saturday to help spread awareness on the campaign to mothers directly. He visited various homes in Behala, Park Street and Ballygunge to enlist mothers to join the #KomproteinCholbena movement.

Dada meets with families on behalf of Complan to tell them why #KomProteinCholbeNa

Commenting on the drive, Sourav Ganguly said, “Being a sportsperson and a father, I understand the importance of giving the right amount of protein to kids for right physical and mental growth.During the social experimentconducted by Complan, I got to interact with mothers and realized there is a gap in our protein awareness. Hence I have joined hands with Complan to start this movement because it is something I personally believe in.Today, I met mothers in Behala, Ballygunge and other areas and they agreed to join the #KomProteinCholbeNa movement by improving the protein in their kid’s diet”

Mr. Sankalp Potbhare, MD Kraft Heinz India, commenting on the same said, “Complan has always stood for ‘superior nutrition’ for kids by providing them with products that give vital nutrients essential for growth. Protein is one of the most important building blocks for physical & mental growth of children. But unfortunately, due to lack of proper understanding of the sources of protein, 9 out of 10 people in India are protein deficient as per a recent survey. Hence at Complan we want to look beyond product and help educate mums about a message that we feel strongly about – #KomProteinCholbeNa. We want to relieve mothers of the constant worry about their kids’ nutrition and health by helping them make informed food choices and provide effective solutions through our products. “

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