Step in Style on Pergo’s Exciting New Decors in Wood Parquet Flooring


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Having captivated the World with its Laminate floors,Pergo, the world’s most preferred flooring brand, has engineered a brilliant new story with ‘Wood Parquet’. When you take your first step on Pergo’s Wood Parquet Flooringyou will enjoy the natural unique character of anengineered wood floor that you can cherish forever. A Pergo Wood Parquet Floor is the start of beautiful interiors, so our gorgeous new décors will add warmth and personality to your home décor. There is luxurious look and feel to our Wood Parquet floors to give your room a special charm!

Organic Oak 3 Strip

There is more to our Wood Parquetthan its beauty: it is designed for maximum durability.  You want your floors to continue looking beautiful as long as possible: they need to handle children, pets, spills, small accidents and the many footfalls on special occasions. Pergo is created to take care of these needs: natural beauty that stays just the way you like it!Pergo Wood Parquetfloors come in a rich array of elegant décors with various plan designs, gradingstructures, and finishes. Whether you choose an oiled or lacquered floor, they are designed to let the attractive natural character of the wood, really shine through. Not only that, a long plank makes your room more spacious and lends a stylish, contemporary feel to the whole interior; now Pergo goes wider and longer than ever before. We bring you these exciting new décor choices in Wood Parquet: Hazel Oak plank; Sunrise oak; Bourbon Oak Plank; Ashen Grey Oak Plank, Fawn Oak Plank; Mild Walnut Plank; Natural Merbau (3-strip) ;Toast Oak (3-Strip), Organic Oak (3-strip), Carob Walnut (3-strip).

Fawn Oak Plank

When you go looking for an engineered wood floor you’re faced with a lot of choices because engineered wood is not only a material that offers a wide variety of natural looks, the variety is increased even more by different surface treatments and finishes. Choose your right floor from our wide range likeSvalbardwith 2200 x 220 x 14 mm, 4-way bevel plank format, Gotlandwith 1820 x 190 x 14 mm, 4-way bevel & 2-way bevel plank format, Bornholmwith 1820 x 145 x 14 mm,2-way bevel plank format&Varmdowith 2200 x 190 x 14 mm, 3-strip format.


Pergo offers outstanding durability for real-life challenges. Pergo’s secret lies in advanced product build-up, backed by the market’s best guarantee. Pergo’s Engineered Wood floors are fire and slip resistant which are also easy to maintain: effortless surface cleaning is all you need for long-lasting beauty!Pergo Engineered Wood Floors consist of 3 layers of wood with the grain running in different directions to reduce the natural swelling and shrinking caused by fluctuations in temperature and humidity. An advanced core of spruce absorbs stress and strain to ensure that your floor remains stable in all conditions.There is no easier way than Pergo,extremely easy installation, thanks to ourrevolutionary PerfectFold™ 3.0 click systems and pre-applied finish: you can begin walking on your Pergo floorrightaway.


At Pergo, we’ve taken measures to ensure minimal impact on the environment. As a testament to our commitment and care for the environment, Pergo was the first flooring company ever to receive the official Nordic Ecolabel, the Green Swan.