Kiki Vijay & Matt Bacon celebrate Chennai with their love for dance & its unique fashion destinations


Dance and fashion are the two trends which always keeps on changing. It is quite difficult to get a hold of it.

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During a conversation with Kiki Vijay about Chennai Times’ #FlirtWithYourCity campaign, she shared that she has been always a dance enthusiast ever since she was a young girl, adding to that she said, “Dance has always kept me going on in life as my family includes a lot of dancers and we have performed at places like Nehru stadium. When I started Kiki’s dance studio, I was surprised to see so many people from various fields who wanted to learn dancing.”


Matt Bacon is a guitarist and a faculty at KM Music Conservatory. Living in Chennai for the last three years, he shared that he is a big fan of the festivals as well as the Indian weddings, he said, “I absolutely love wearing kurtas which I believe can go global as they are quite stylish and comfortable. I love shopping for clothes from the street vendors where you can find shirts at a quite reasonable deal as well as the Forum Vijaya Mall.”