VJ Ramya and Catherine Tresa share memories of experiencing humanitarianism in Chennai that has changed their lives


Scott Mescudi once stated that some humans are really bad at being human,but that’s not the case in Chennai. The city’s humanitarian spirit is commendable. While in conversation with Catherine Tresa and VJ Ramya for Chennai Times’ campaign #FlirtWithYourCity you could feel that vibe as they shared some memories about the spirit of Chennai.

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VJ Ramyasaid, “I have always been fond of animals ever since I was a young girl. Not many cities have a zoo; Chennai is quite in lucky in fact to have a zoo like Valudar in the city limits. It is well maintained and clean. A couple of years ago when the flood struck Chennai, there were some people who worked for the animal community as well.I think that was so kind of them to remember that their animal brothers and sisters also needed help.”


Actress Catherine Tresaadded to that as shesaid, “People in Chennai with whom I have worked with so far are quite helpful. Its inhabitants define a city, and Chennai is the perfect example. The people here are very genuine and they are always very open to new ideas especially when you know how to keep them entertained. This city and the people here have made me a better actor.”