Parag Milk Foods Collaborates with Swedish company ‘ColoPlus AB’ to strengthen its Health and Nutrition portfolio

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Key Highlights:

·        Parag Milk Foods strengthens its healthand nutrition product category; introduces GO ColoPower, the first100% natural immunity booster

·        Collaboration will allow PMFLto be the first company to manufacture colostrum based natural immunity booster in India as per patented technology of ColoPlus

·        High colostrum content of Colo Power will help fight diseases as well as work as a preventive health solution

·        ColoPlus AB is a Swedish biotech company active in research and development of products/applications of colostrum-based innovations





Chennai,July 23, 2018: Parag Milk Foods Ltd., one of the largest private dairy company in India, in India today announced its collaboration with ColoPlus AB, a Swedish research organization to launch its first 100% natural immunity booster called GO Colo Power in India.This strategic collaboration enables Parag Milk Foods to strengthen its offerings in the health&nutrition segment, which further reiteratesits leadership in the value added products category.

Made from the first milk of cows just after calving, Colo Power is enriched with immunoglobulins and probiotics andhas the same goodness equivalent to that of a mother’s first milk. Go Colo Power, a product in powder form, which can be mixed into porridge, contains high colostrum values which helps fight diseases like AIDS, diarrhea, etc that reduce the body’s immuno-defensive powers. The use of colostrum helps to build long-term immunity and improves and strengthens the digestive system.

Highlighting the need for Colo Power, Mr. Conny Hagman, CEO, ColoPlus said, “Colostrum is rich in essential immunoglobulins and nutrients that helps in increasing the resistance to diseases. The health benefits of this milk is not just limited to the new borns but is beneficial for people of all age groups. Earlier you could only get Colostrum in a capsule or pure powder form, which could not be completely absorbed completely by the body; but now with Colo Power, one can get the same benefits of Colostrum in food form, as a porridge, and with our patented technology, it provides much higher absorption. Colo Power is also good in taste, easier to prepare and has a longer shelf life. Swedish Embassy was instrumental in linking us with a high quality and reputed partner like PMFLthat aims to provide health benefits to the citizens of India,a key step towards improvingpublic health.”

Elaborating on the association, Mr. Devendra Shah, Chairman, Parag Milk Foods said, “The launch Colo Power by Parag Milk Foods is the reflection of responsibility of giving back to the society. We are the first company to create a unique colostrum-based health food, which provides long-term immunity not just to ill people but also helps to build preventive immunity for one’s lifetime with its high immunoglobulin content. We have established an elaborate mechanism to collect colostrum milk from dairy farmerswhich not only provides an avenue to use the first milk which otherwise would have gone waste, but also provides them much higher returns. This high value colostrum is then converted into Go Colo Power by using the patented technology. It is scientifically proven thatthe colostrum present in Colo Power helps in increasingthe immunity of patients suffering from Cancer, Diarrhea,apart from building one’s long-term immunity.”

Colo Power is available in 200 gms and is priced at Rs 750/- . The product will be availablein e-commerce platforms and all metro cities.


About Parag Milk Foods Ltd:


Parag Milk Foods Limited, established in 1992, is the largest private dairy FMCG Company with a pan-India presence. We have our own manufacturing facilities with in-house technology which are strategically located at Manchar in Maharashtra and Palamner in Andhra Pradesh.

We sell 100% cow’s milk products which are healthy and nutritious. Our integrated business model and strong R&D capabilities has helped us emerge as the leader in innovation.

Our dairy farm, Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm Private Limited house more than 2,000 Holstein Friesian cows, with a mechanized milking process. Under brand “Gowardhan”, we offer traditional products like Ghee, Dahi, Paneer etc. while under brand name “Go” we offer products like cheese, UHT milk, chaas, lassi, yoghurt etc.

“Pride of Cows”, the flagship brand of Parag Milk Foods was introduced with a proposition of Farm to Home concept targeted towards customers seeking premium quality cow milk. The Company also forayed into dairy based beverages with the launch of “Topp Up” and “Slurp” – a mango drink with a dash of milk. Recently the Company has also ventured into B2C segment for Whey Protein with the brand Avvatar – India’s 1st 100% vegetarian whey protein, first of its kind manufactured in India.

Our goal is to become the largest dairy FMCG company that emphasizes on health and nutrition to consumers through innovation.

About ColoPlus AB:

ColoPlus AB is a small Swedish biotech company active in research and development of product/application of colostrum-based innovations. Immune support by content of immunoglobulins is in focus.

ColoPlus AB team and founders, a group academician at Lund university,were discussing some biological effects of bovine raw milk (colostrum); boosting the immune system, fighting intestinal microorganisms and improving nutritional state.

The Product was developed and tested for a solution with optimal exposure to intestinal area, easy to handle and long shelf life. This gave us ColoPlus, a porridge product, patented in several areas worldwide, including India.

Now three clinical studies comprising some 1000 patients, were organized, performed and published in internationally well-reputed scientific journals, including Indian Journal of Gastroenterology. The results were clearly coherent showing strengthening of the immune- system, diminution of intestinal infections, amelioration of nutritional state, decreased fatigue and an increased feeling of wellbeing. ColoPlus was well tolerated and no side effects or adverse events were recorded.

ColoPlus that is a food product is served as a porridge, a gentle way to get nutrition and to boost the immune system in all ages.ColoPlus was developed to give physiological health effects beyond the supply of essential nutritive substances. Contrary to most current providers of colostrum preparations, productsfrom ColoPlus AB demands the claimed effect to be scientifically proved and documented before they are made available to the market.

ColoPlus innovation will be available in different markets, as company ColoPlus Pacific Ltd was registered for Australia, NZ, China and negotiation with for southern Africa, RSA patent will follow.

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