Rs 4300 crore earmarked for Maha Kumbh Mela 2019

Shri Jai Pratap Singh addressing Media about Khumbh in UP
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Chennai: A total allotment of Rs 4300 crore has been made for creating
all necessary infrastructure for Maha Kumbh Mela 2019 at Prayagraj,
formerly called Allahabad, from January 15, said Jai Pratap Singh,
Minister of Excise and Prohibition, Government of Uttar Pradesh.
Addressing the media here on Saturday under the auspices of FICCI, he
said the Chief Minister of
Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath has made him an ambassador to promote
Prayagraj Kumbh, which has UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of
humanity acknowledgement.

He said the whole idea is to promote spiritual tourism and showcase
Uttar Pradesh to the outside world.
He also said the state government is making elaborate arrangements for
the successful organisation of the Kumbh 2019, which will see a
gathering of over 20 lakh people from all over the world.

Shir .Jai Pratap Singh presenting momentum to Mr.T.R.Kesavan, Co Chairman, FICCI
“The UP government has already launched the new logo of Prayagraj
Kumbh 2019 in accordance with the nature of the event,”he said and
added, “Special priority has been accorded to providing better
facilities to the devotees and tourists attending the Kumbh for all
its religious and cultural fervour.”

Shri. Jai Pratap Singh said that the state of Madhya Pradesh also held a
Kumbh Mela two and a half years ago to attract people from different
walks of life and make them partake of the spiritual food offered at
the event. He said that the people from south visit Ayodhya and the Ram Mandir
and this time they can come to Prayagraj to enjoy the events
associated with the grand Kumbh happening on the confluence of the
mighty Ganga.

The holy event is organised at four places in the country and the
event held at Prayagraj is the subject of special curiosity and
attraction for the country and the world.

The UP minister said the state government is committed to
providing a devotionally and spiritually changed atmosphere to
pilgrims coming to the event, adding, “In this most massive human
congregation of humanity, people of over 6 lakh villages of India
along with the overseas devotees will participate.”
For the convenience of pilgrims, the minister said the facility of
reaching the place by air, road, rail and river has been made for the
first time.
Jai Pratap Singh said, “The UP government is making efforts to
familiarise the world with the high-quality life, conduct and thoughts
of Indian culture through Kumbh Mela.”
For the convenience of devotees visiting the Kumbh, the UP government
has made available the facility of modern and smooth traffic movement
to Prayagraj by constructing flyovers and widening railway underpasses
besides creating traffic crossings. It is also for the first time, the
Kumbh area is being brightened up by installing over 40,000 LED

Efforts are on through road shows in various states to bring the
people to the Kumbh and there will be programmes on ancient cultural
heritage as also cultural, food festivals and more. There are
facilities for housing, meal, tours and holy bath and a tent city is
being developed in the Kumbh Mela area.

As Kumbh 2019 has been linked to the concept of Cultural Kumbh, Safe
Kumbh and Digital Kumbh, the UP government is laying special emphasis
on cleanliness during the event and there are 122000 toilets available
for the pilgrims as against only 34,000 toilets during the previous
There are efforts to keep the banks of Ganga and Triveni clean and the
waters of the holy rivers polluting free.
Prayagraj city has been beautifully decorated with pictures and
drawings of Indian culture and art.
The walls of Prayagraj are showcasing Indian culture in the most effective way.
T R Kesavan, Co-Chairman, FICCI Tamil Nadu State Council and President
and COO, TAFE, in his welcome address, said the first Kumbh dates back
to 644 AD on the banks of Ganga in Prayagraj and there is so much of
the importance attached to the holy event all because of its connect to
astronomy, astrology and socio-cultural traditions of yore.
He said the UP minister’s presence will make the people of Tamil Nadu
understand the significance of Maha Kumbh Mela 2019 and make their
attendance at the important spiritual event.
He also recalled his earlier trips to Allahabad and the place that had
all the essence of modernity.
Ruban Hobday, Head, FICCI Tamil Nadu State Council, spoke on the
importance of Kumbh Mela and FICCI’s association with the government
of UP in promoting the most happening event on the earth.