Health & Glow brings Rich hair care range for the first time in India

RICH Hair Care Argan Colour Protect - Range

RICH Hair Care Argan Colour Protect - RangeAvailable exclusively at the Health & Glow app, website, and stores

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February 2019: Health & Glow, India’s most trusted beauty and wellness brand, announced the exclusive launch and availability of Rich, an award-winning professional hair care line hailing from France. The range will be available in India only at select Health & Glow stores, website and the App.
RICH is a global enterprise with operations in Paris, London, New York, Miami and Hong Kong. The products are sold at iconic beauty stores in more than 50 countries world wide with H&G being the exclusive retail partner in India. RICH Hair Care has its own international creative team of hairstylists that help develop all the products. Globally, the brand has built a strong consumer base with world renowned celebrities turning loyalists towards it.
The products’ natural-based formulas are infused with key ingredients such as pure luxurious botanicals, precious oils and restorative proteins to condition, nourish and help recover hair its natural beauty. They are powered by natural ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, pepper mint and coconut which moisturise, strengthen and revive dull hair as well as prevents hair loss. All these ingredients in various combinations are available across their 3 collections for women namely the Moisture collection, Argan collection and the Miracle CC collection with a well-researched men’s range, namely the Energising collection.

Mr. K. Venkataramani, MD & CEO, Health & Glow, shared his excitement with us: “We are delighted to bring a world-class hair care range for the first time in India through H&G. Through this range, we are giving our customers the proven benefits of pure ingredients available in the Rich hair care range. We are constantly evolving with the feedback received from our consumers who have grown with H&G as a brand of choice across generations. We are thrilled to be able to provide the right kind of hair care products to our variety seeking consumer.”

The Moisture collection, rich in keratin, essential proteins and natural oils, includes shampoo, conditioner, treatment mask, hair serum, multifunctional styling and shine spray, a strong hold hair spray for effective styling as well as a volumnising texture spray.The products are are priced in the range of Rs. 625 to Rs 825. The Argancollection, powered by argan oil and essential proteins nourish, strengthen and smoothen coloured hair. This range includes the colour protect shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, pre-shampoo treatment with a hair elixir as well as defrizz and shine mist. The argan range products are priced in the range of Rs.425 to Rs. 825.The Miracle Renew CC collection, consisting of a shampoo and a conditioner,is powered by red wine extract. It provides volume, prevents hair fall and hair ageing as well as repairs damaged hair. The Miracle Renew collection is available priced at Rs.595. The Energising collection, the men’s range, is unique in nature as it can double duty as hair care as well as skin care. It consists of a dual shampoo with a body wash as well as a conditioner and a shaving cream. The range is powered by the benefits of peppermint which soothes itchy skin, redness and helps cure sunburn while restoring dull skin. The range is available at Rs. 625.