Actor and Director T. Rajendherr request for CBI investigation required in TN CM Jayalalithaa’s death !

TR-Press-Stills-3That would make the holding of a judicial inquiry into the death of J.Jayalalithaa’s hunger strike OPS past as a measure of the company’s Latchiya DMK leader criticizes Mr. Vijaya T Rajendherr. 

And this at a press briefing today in Chennai, he said ..
Mr O Paneer Selvam went to the governor, ‘resignation received blackmailing me, “he reported. At first I was surprised with this news release. To be a minister because? If someone bullying,  to the Commissioner under section 503 and given one complaint. Without this, why did you go to the governor?
On September 22, TN CM Selvi.J.Jayalalithaa were allowed to Apollo for Illness. September 27th on the Cauvery Tribunal related discussion meeting and the Chief Minister Jayalalithaa led the meetings held and also the Special Chief Secretary Mrs. Sheela Balakrishnan, Chief Secretary Mr. Rammohan Rao, CM Secretary Venkataramanan and Ramalingam the were well attended, and the mother of one of them major decision taken in a press release on behalf of the Government. In this case, as a former legislator ask. A meeting will be held at its base in the area, the Chief Minister, who is the J.Jayalaitha of their signature  their signature contained therein. Show it now. Where is the reference?

His Excellency the Governor, on the 2nd of October, they go to the Apollo hospital treatment goes to meet with the principal. But she said that she could come out and meet TN CM. His Excellency the Governor, the Chief Minister then goes on to meet again on October 22nd. Since then they applied face mask. Although unable to speak, but not vote speak gestures. Suggested that it was fine. I ask you, if you did the first sign, they did sign on the left hand? Did or right hand gesture? His Excellency the Governor, but the next day they refused to say. Why this contradiction?
C M Paneer Selvam was acting at the time, right? Acting now to take action, then what does?

I was elected as General Secretary Sasikala they did not give any statement. But I told meeting held at Coimbatore. This is not even the first one hour Sasikala said. This is the people’s choice poll but my knowledge. Never Sasikala Congress chief does not support all the people. I told him the same day it was spiritual.

OPS is DMK’s lead to them? journalists that asked, ‘that is the subject of the report. If the sun salutation to the Sun in the horoscope of things, guru, as Sukra about it may even be nine. In the background is the object of a thousand. ‘ Replied.

There is no doubt continue to think she’s dead? When asked, “Jayalalitha’s death, like many mysterious mystery novel  knots. The state government, working with the federal government, the mystery relive nodes. For the period from 22 February to 5 th September days detailed CBI investigation as to what happened. It is no longer time for the Federal Government should investigate without delay.
The only question I’m asking, Mr. O.Panneerselvam. Now you ask why a judicial inquiry did not begin when you were in office? That is what I am hearing now.
When asked about the hydrocarbon project, ‘delta districts alleged that the central government has been systematically destroyed. Neduvasal would enable the federal government to allow hydrocarbon project gave her during the act of DMK leader MK Stalin was. Today he opposes the plan. Expresses support for the protesters met with. Stalin’s face in this position and the hydrocarbon methane project plan that re-shape the Anbumani Ramadoss detail explanation. I welcome what he said.

When asked about the state of DMK ambitious local elections, “DMK is contesting local elections ambitious. God’s grace, in the event of need for local elections in alliance with some of the parties are planning to meet. T.Rajendherr said.

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