All the time Thinking about Sound –  Udayakumar  Sound Engineer – Exclusive Interview for FACE NEWS TV

R06A9784“Peraanmai” is really challenging movie”; Uthayakumar is sharing the experience of the Sound Engineer
Uthayakumar secret breaks “Foreign investigation will be the difference between the local investigation”
“Have to work hard and competing with the fans sound”  Uthayakumar’s sound experiences ..!
R06A9778A film formation is hidden in the invisible portion of the works of many talents. A film in which the recording engineer and hidden will be supportive. When the recording engineer named on the title card and puts it in the  of the film, our focus remains the same passes quickly.
After Oscar winner Rasul Pookkutti  for Sound engineering,  sound that became out of class. Especially in recent years, his sound design work Udayakumar receiving the acclaim and awards.
Commendations and awards made on the world stage ‘Visaaranai’ as the film sound design also spoken like Cinemotography. Was admired in the international Film Festivals. The proud owner of the famous sound engineer T. Udayakumar ( ‘Four Frames’  Udhayakumar if  very popular in film circles) was once again named a special crown. .
Yes., Recently announced by the State Government Awards ‘Peraanmai’ film nominated for the Best Sound Engineer, sound engineer for popular Udhayakumar elected. He worked in over 300 films Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Kannada as a Sound Engineer.
Just start with the latest technical facilities KNACK Studios ‘Vivekam’ of the picture happy moment of the announcement of the award was mixing his craft shared with us his experience in the information technology …
How you are entered in this Sound Engineer field ?
I studied Sound engineer 1995 – 1998’s batch in film institute. And after 2000 – 2008 to the ‘Umai Vizhigal’ with Abaavaanan sir all films, including the job was assistant Legent Deepan Chatterji. After learining to him i did alone the industry began to work on the films as a soundtrack engineer. That alone made  3rd year of the film’s ‘Peraanmai’.
Peraanmai sample films, actor, director, technical artists may challenge not just being kind to yourself ..?
It is true that over the last ten years will be in the field. Big-budget films, a lot of small budget. I will put some pictures hard work. I received an award for valor in hard work like the movie very very happy involving forest views, Rocket Launch its biggest challenge for me was film sound things. But along with the sound of a tree cutting. How did imagine. Commercial, for all-realist film is one of the jobs. for that model will work.
To be very happy now for the film Best Soundtrack Engineer by Tamil Nadu Government Award. Awards like this is our identity. That joy to us, yet  inspiration for work more, “he says.
How pains kind of  take to when you do sound design ?
The rest of the time working at times I almost always thinking about the sound. Example of how there can be noise hits for windsurfing? put also sharpens the care of a generator running sound. Which keeps it in place even though the pin dropping sound. Only then will the sounds of films we can give proper sound level.
Udhayakumar said that Rajini, Kamal, Vijay, Ajith commercial films such as the lead heroes of the appropriate job will become a lot of times it will have to work with us in saying Special appreciation.
Special attention only to the leading actors of the film Why?
That’s the reason it’s their fans because the first two to three days films of this sort lead heroes fans whistling noise, shouting, claps, they create  Charter. POPS hour talking to her like that, despite the noise of the fans cannot able to hear the dialogue so sound will increase. But this began to subside activities need some noise here during her Pix Theater  Operator.
 Sound will set for the same everywhere ?
definitely will not  set ‘same everywhere. For example Visaaranai’ of the film being sent to film festivals and screenings of the audience in there, there’s the same movie theaters. Here we are increased some sound level for our audience.
Get a sound framework for stimulating foreign films ..?
Not at all .. but .. it done the sample sequence theyseen make this bass a few directors said we shown samples. Treat did see how the mode. But when it comes to our heart, our theater system.
For the majority of the directors of the sound format in anticipation of what is coming to you ..?
Today for me every director asked to “Visaaranai” the film, the hero hits the feet of the police will demand the model sound amazed that has recently captured the SIIMA Award
Tell us about the movie ?
‘Vivekam’ film to be have plenty  of the scope in soundtrack. For hat coming up with a sound that’s very important things. ‘Nandhalala’, ‘Visaaranai after the’ Vivekam ‘is the film I was had Challenge one .
Udhayakumar is currently in possession of the ‘Vivekam’, ‘Pothuvaaga En Manasu Thangam’, ‘Veera’, ‘Neruppuda’, ‘Semma Pothai Agaatha ” films that are tied to rank.