‘6 Athiyayam’ ( aka ) ‘6 Chapter’ Tamil Movie Audio & Trailer Launch

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When 2 people conducting together a ruling the State, Why, 6 people together with making a film, its not a big deal? – ‘6 Athiyayam ” stories are linked to the way the film has had on the expectations – Actor & Director R.Parthiban!

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The future of the movie will come team along with team is no longer – Director A Venkatesh!

Actor & Producer Vishal cannot catch Tamil Rockers – Opening up the original CD market is End pirated DVD – Producer Suresh kamatchi Challenge!

 ‘6 Athiyayam ‘ Cinema to the next stage – In audio launch Director & Actor Cheran confidence! 

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This is the time playing different initiatives in Tamil cinema. It’s nice to try a different sort of ‘ 6 Athiyayam ‘. Combining several shorts ‘Anthology’ in the published pictures. But this is not the case. ‘6 Athiyayam’ in the film, the first in the history of world cinema will formally created by the supernatural with the vulva only six chapters, six directors of the driver, and the end of the six episodes that were usual at the end of chapters, the film is ultimately Separately in the Climax. Tamil cinema’s latest hit film’s success formula in trendy flaunts the style of horror.  Sankar Thiagarajan produced the film on behalf of the ‘ASCII Media Hut’  company.

Directed by The famous writer, ” Thottal Thodarum” film director  Cable Shankar, written and directed a chapter.  Writing another chapter famous writer Ajayan Bala, The producer of the film Sankar Thiagarajan, Lokesh, ‘Lights on media’ Suresh & Sridhar Venkatesan were popular in the world of short film directing four episodes remaining.

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Acted by Famous director S.S.Stanley key in a starring role in the film. ‘Thottal Thodarum,’ Hero Thaman, Vijay TV fame ‘Vishnu’, Pasanga’ Kishore,’ Kulirl 100 ‘Sanjay,’ Naan Mahaan Alla”Vinod, Baby Sadhanya alongside more newcomers this is done in six episodes.

D.O.P. by CJ Rajkumar cameraman for two episodes, Popular photographer Pon. Kasirajan, Arunmani Palani, Arunmozhi Chozhan, Mano Raja, who each served as an episode cinematographers.

Music by Tajnoor, Joshua, Jose Franklin, Satish Kumar and composed these chapters.

Song promo of the film done by Superhit film ‘VikramVedha’ scored C.S.Sam. Song Vijay TV fame Ma.Ka.Pa.Anand sung with E .Kavitha Thomas.

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The 6 Athiyayam ‘Tamil Movie Trailer and Audio Release ceremony was held today at Prasad Lab. Actor, Director R.Parthiban, Directors Cheran, Vetrimaran, SS Stanley, Poo Sasi and Ravi Kumar, Meera Kathiravan, Arivazhagan, A. Venkatesh, Tamira, Producer Suresh Kamakshi, Guild President Jaguar Thangam , Producer Dhananjayan and Music composer Tajnoor was attended. “6 Athiyayam” Audio released by the film producer Shankar Thiagarajan’s mother Premavathi received by were special guests.

“6 Athiyayam” FilmTechnicians Speechs:-

The film’s Producer and Director of the short film featuring Shankar Thiagarajan

Magazines bringing me here is written in small bits. I came back to the United States 12 years employed by the love of cinema. Speaking with Cable Shankar gave the idea to make a documentary. Then it became Anthology film. 6 different types of shorts that combine to make the planned Chapter Six Teams. If the case that the decision to combine all the occult. Each Chapter’s will climax with the previous scene. All scenes can be the same climax. All of the their Debut Directors other than Cable Shankar.

The Three did not come here to participate in this film. My story’s hero is Cameraman C.J.Rajkumar my longtime friend. C.J.Rajkumar says, The only difficulty and biggest challenge  is adapting to the different cinematographers everybody knows that Colour corrections than the picture did the cinematography.

Director Shankar Cable

This film is the first documentary to be mine.  Operates Best Director, SS Stanley is happy. Hero of the my first film   Thaman Kumar, C.J.Rajkumar  my Cameraman, both of which played a key role. Everyone who worked on this film as an opportunity salary expectations were serving counter. You’ve seen the video of this song is not animated. After taking the man-made video animations made the first with dancers. This single tracks was the composition ‘ Vikram Veda’ fame C. S. Sam. He was unable to come to the function. Kharki Bhava wrote the song.

Director  Ajayan Bala

The ghost just keeps getting help of my long struggle to win. The Cameraman Pon. Kasirajan, Hero Kishore, Prominent Music Composer. Everyone gave their best contribution.

Director EAV Suresh

Thanks to my Guru Cable Shankar . Beyond Tambaram took a hut. The next day, the afternoon of the first day, from 7 am to 11 pm We were able to continue. The background music was fantastic for me with Music Tajnooragreed. I a Software Engineer. When trying to scold the whole village cinema. But my father was a source of strength for me. My thanks to him.

Director  Lokesh Rajendran

When the Committee is surprised that this film was more than pleased. That is a picture of how directed by 6 directors. 50-over cricket from the 20-20 cricket like the ones in this film.

Director Sridhar Venkatesan

I was assistant director. He directed short films. Thanks for giving the responsibility entrusted to me. My mom is looking for a job in the IT sector is still directed.

Special guests who attended the ceremony Speeches:-

Director SS Stanley

Cable Shanker and I were talking after a show at the same theater. Then he asked me to play a narrator. A fabulous story. Big Thanks Shankar  Thiagarajan. When the first day of the first show on Friday morning and all discussions will take place between us. Let us talk together weekly. Most of the processing shown exactly as planned. Ajayan Bala importantly, great talent, both Pon. Kasirajan. Both of which are featured happy.

Music Composer Tajnoor

Suresh director told me that a short film. I am happy that it has come to the big picture.

Director Cheran

Cable Shankar, Shankar Thyagarajan Thanks to both. Thanks to that same film is introduced 6 Teams. Intodroduced the life of 60 people. Such efforts should be plenty. Change is good. The new directors are afraid of everyone thinking of heroes. But as soon as they come to have a good time. In a few more years of cinema to the next stage. Go inside the homes of our pictures than Bizarre. This is the future of the youth. No longer have to be afraid of thinking cinema. The Internet will become the largest platform.

Producer Dhananjayan

My best wishes to everyone. This is the perfect time to look for profitable business, doing promotion. Publish to the Internet to look for bigger profits Cheran said. Being happy is Ajayan Bala became Director. Following the film ‘BAFTA’ will be released on behalf of that similarly “VANNA SIRAGUGAL”. This film is so eager to me to watch the result.

Guild President Jaguar Thangam

Kamakshi Suresh aggressively speaker, Difference speaker R.Parthipan, Cheran is sensitive speaker. But he speaks the truth. Some efforts are conducted on behalf of the Producers Guild. They come into force on the day of release of the film makers will be in the hands of One and a Half Crores. In six months, a period still to be film released. The biggest success of this film.

Director Sasi

My friends are in this film. The team is very confident team. I am eager to see the film.

Director Ravikumar

The reason I’ve come Ajayan Bala & Cable Shankar. I knew 2 stories with in the Tamil  film is Oru Veedu Iru Vaasal, which is to try a different kind of science. In the same story, so it’s new to us will be watching. Some of the pictures are the story of the half-hour. We stretched it. This may take a similar story.

Director Meera Kathiravan

This event is something very close to my heart. Ajayan Bala led me to become director. Cable Sankar wrote about the theater business. Our thousands of fans will also want to see the success that is located on the same straight line. The fans usually say that. But there are many different kinds of fans. But in today’s day and life of the movie’s finished in three days. Cinema any fan can come searching. We just have to go in search of him. The Internet is emerging as another site for cinema. Postponded release of  my film for me was the voice R. Parthiban. It gave me great comfort. R. Parthiban thank them. Artist must be compulsory for clubs that promotion of a film.

Director Arivazhagan

Parthiban sir speaks always delicious. Interestingly, the demand for the cinema. when listern about this movie is enjoyable. Shankar is working with other directors and I have learned to Ekalavya apiece. The film is no longer the need to go into the houses.

Director A. Venkatesh

Cable Sankar, my good friend. I write for a film called Ajayan Bala dialogue. He wondered. I have to say that it’s difficult to commercial. The movie theater’s future. Team Team, along with the film to make it no longer increases. This film is the beginning. Ghost is equal to the mass hero in this film. It would sure hit. Director Cheran’s C 2 H did not help that the film industry has to explain Suresh Kamakshi.

Director Tamira

In view of this stage I regret that there is no ghost. Consequently, the film was first started. But I do not chance play a movie. Cable Shankar asked late. If you had asked me before, it will be converted to Chapter 7. The film will be directed by one of the largest in the Ajayan Bala soon. For it is there.

Actor & Director R.Parthiban

Good rains. Along with the central government for farmers to do and my thanks to the rain. 2.o invited me to the film audio program. I have come here to go there. I needed here. I do not need there. The film does a great job playing along with 6 others. 2 people are here, along with 6 others to enable a ruling when it is the matter? This has led to expectations on the picture of the way the stories are connected. If you look at those things that cause little consternation. Ajayan Bala have looked at so hysterical. Artificial made with butter in the original sale. Artificial sell requires originality. Knockoffs abound film requires originality. 6 is a picture of such episodes.

Director Vetrimaran

There have been attempts at this kind of world entirely. There were very few in Tamil. We need to promote this effort. We have tried. But could not. It is very tedious work. Everybody should merge. But the specter took the business in hand, the easier it will be. My Guru Balu Mahendra introduced Ajayan Bala. The best writer. Honest critic. He has faith.

Producer Suresh Kamaktshi

Talking about the cinema business, study. But it is going to be destroy. We make movies purchase of 1000 DVD movie from Burma Bazaar. We speak the picture of the freedom of expression, but then deal with that. I do not have to have freedom of expression and dissenters. The Great political leader Kamarajar lost due to the cinema. People honestly do not have a thing to say. After saying the wrong thing to say that the concept of freedom. This is all wrong.

Writer altogether. Here the value of the combo. This film should include the right to take the initiative in all promotions. Otherwise no. Tamil cinema have two new PROs. Just go with them.

The C 2 H with Cheran, R. Parthiban that he must answer to why it failed. He is the executive producer and member of the Association. Lying disrupting piracy. Tamil Rockers does not like. There’s no doubt that he is due to actors.

What has worked for nine months? Strain after the announcement concluded. Strike declared to GST. But withdrew with losing 2 percent? Tamil Cinema Digital knows that. The vandalism was supported ceranai aggregator. Why pick Cheranrefuse to speak?

For 10 members Association’s largest producers. Coke Cola verse is speaking against the  Coke cola hero plays in the advertisement. Are all the producers explained to online business? Do not bring attention to it? Our leader said it will cut premiums cube. But it has become greater. Climbed to 32 thousand. Cable TV comes to one and a half million? End pirated DVD market is the opening up of the original CD. Just like the government, they are cheating ourselves.

Three months later collections of theater detail. If the document is immediately available? They just need to take the club to similar R. Parthiban my anguish. Dhoties and Sarees to the club to give 10 Thousand to Diwali and Pongal? When talking against Vishal asking why. Vishal’s is my friends, including me, all Heros.