Preethi Kitchen Appliances announces Homemaker’s Day contest


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Preethi Kitchen Appliances who are celebrating Homemaker’s Day. Homemaker’s Day is a celebration of that special someone in your family and Preethi are holding a contest in order to help the public treat their favourite homemaker. Winners of the contest will get a musician serenading them or a surprise flash mob or a cake. Please find attached a video. I request you to upload the video along with the following information:

 When we hear the word, “homemaker”, what do we think of? A woman cooking in the kitchen, a stay-at-home mom, a daughter taking care of her parents. In fact, the dictionary defines ‘Homemaker’ as “a person, esp. a woman, who manages a home”. But the word refers to the process of making a home. No home is complete without its family members. No home is our fort, our comfort zone without them. These people make our lives a little better than it already is. The word, “homemaker”, today, has evolved into something more deeper than making a home. It refers to the person who gives us joy, love and support.

Preethi’s “One Home. Many Homemakers.” campaign celebrates the mother who ensures we don’t go hungry, the father who rescues us during exam preparation, the grandfather who teaches us good values, the sister who helps us sneak in late at night, and the son who makes emergency trips to the grocery store. Our homemakers are our cheerleaders, advisers, best friends and our conscience. They share everything and ask nothing in return.

 So join us this month as we wish all the mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings, a very happy Homemaker’s Day!

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