‘I am really shocked’ Director Bharathiraja praising ‘6 Athiyayam’ Movie

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“I was terrified watching episode 6”; Director Imayam Bharathirajaa touring ..!
“Try the new cinema”; “Athiyayam 6,” praising touring the film.!
Athiyayam 6′ film director Imayam touring recently was shown to them. This film is said by observing the touring ..
“I usually watch movies called the film ended, when my front mic nittivituvarkal .. Formally something to say I disagree with because often slip .. but this’ 6 episode” Look at the picture finished, I am This film about the pecivittuttan to go have decided.
After film screening of the first episode, somewhere, thought of as a group seems a little odd. The second, third, gradually increasing it in episodes, the last episode was so frightened.
Generally Bengalis, including the north, the creators I greatly appreciate.  Due to their small picture, the big picture is thinking different show .. recently came to Tamil Film Multiple ourselves spoiled  have, for the moment, the ‘6-episode’ watching the movie I really Go .
There have been such ideas but never made it to me .. I have never attempted to implement. For a film that is thought to perfect charity. French, Iranian, Japanese, Chinese appreciate seeing the pictures. There are so many great artists tamilnadu sees that, because that’s who I am, who is worthy of praise .. Mike got hold of them.
This idea is new. Tamil cinema It’s a different approach. 6 chapters on how to add something ..? A chapter is in danger of going up . But in the film, in order to see the second chapter of the first episode  gets to sit and hold to drag us to manipulate the strategy.
Finally, tied ourselves together with all six episodes of the end of the 6th chapter, said a decision on the inclusion of all. It’s the best idea. Even the biggest achievement. If such were the good artists around the world talk about Tamil films.
 if you were so smart, it can bring a full-length film, and of course the confidence in the world in this film has given us, to add to the pictures. Athiyayam 6 of my congratulations to the crew as “touring praised.
‘6 episode of “…
This is the time playing different initiatives in Tamil cinema. It’s nice to try a different sort of ‘Athiyayam 6′. Combining several shorts ‘Anthology’ in the published pictures. But this is not the case. ‘6 Chapter’ in the film, the first in the history of world cinema will formally created by the supernatural with the vulva only six chapters, six directors of the driver, and the end of the six episodes that were usual at the end of chapters, the film is ultimately Separately in the climax.
The famous writer, film director and will continue to touch the , written and directed a chapter in which Cable Shankar.  writing another chapter with famous writer Ajayan Bala, the producer of the film Sankar Thiagarajan, Lokesh, ‘Lights but the media’ Suresh, Sridhar Venkatesan were popular in the world of short film directing four episodes remaining.
Famous director SS.Stanley in a starring role in the film ‘Thottaal Thodarum,’ fame  Taman, Vijay TV fame ‘Vishnu’,  Pasanga ‘Kishore,’ Kulir 100 ‘Sanjay,’ I’m not a saint, “Vinod, Baby Satanya alongside more newcomers this is done in six episodes.
CJ Rajkumar cameraman for two episodes, celebrity photographer Pon. kasirajan, Arunmani Palani, Arunmoli Chola, Manoraja, who each served as an episode cinematographers. Tajnoor, Joshua, Jose Franklin’s, Satish Kumar and composed these chapters.
Song promo of the film ‘Vikram Veda  fame scored C.S.Sam. and song, Vijay TV fame Ma Ka Pa Anand  sung with Kavita Thomas.
The game of the film “RunForUrLife” Google Philem Store and iTunes App Store in the name of the crew is to release soon.
‘ASCII Media Hut’ on behalf of the company Sankar Thiagarajan produced the film.