Comment on rise in GDP growth rate

The statement by the Finance Ministry, announcing the jump in GDP growth rate for quarter 2 of the financial year from 5.4% to 6.3% answers many questions for the country. The year saw two major economic bumps in the form of Demonetization and GST which were predicted to have shaky beginnings but long term benefits. This fact was also backed by survey by Reuters with leading economists who predicted this growth.

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Presenting his views, Sanjay Padode, Secretary, Center for Developmental Education (CDE) has expressed his views

 “This announcement is a boost for industries for a more confident growth. Eventually, education, job growth and manufacturing segments will see rapid progress. An indication of eventual stability in economy after demonetization and GST, we need to see how this figures benefit the common man. This jump in the GDP rates will clearly be a sigh of relief for Prime Minister Modi who has faced tremendous criticism for these revolutionary moves.”

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About Sanjay Padode:

A 1989 pass out from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, with Honors in M. Sc. (Math) and B. E. (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) had the entrepreneurial spirit from time of leaving college and founded Dataline and Research Technologies Ltd (DaRT). This company was the first in the country to pioneer online access to information and email services in 1993. The service was popularly referred to as “India Online” and “DaRT Mail”. DaRT was the first real time market data provider for the Indian Stock Exchanges. The company partnered with Dow Jones Telerate to introduce a low cost market data terminal to enhance the penetration of Equity Trading in the country. The company was listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange.

To meet the evolving needs of the market for trading, he founded Asian CERC Information Technology Ltd. which developed India’s first Order Routing and Risk Management System for real time financial trading on the Internet. Asian CERC owned more than 80% of the market share in both financial information dissemination and providing technology solutions for securities trading. Asian CERC was then acquired by the Religare group and Sanjay continued to lead the company’s new Avatar, Religare Technova Global Solutions Limited for a period of four years. During his stint as the CEO of Religare Technova, the company made international and national acquisition and grew from a strength of 250 to 3500 employees.

Post the completion of his obligation as the CEO of Religare Technova, Sanjay was keen to dedicate his self to the cause of education and took over as the Secretary of Center for Developmental Education a not for profit society which runs the IFIM Business School. Since the past two years the curriculum of IFIM Business School has, and is being revamped for transforming aspiring managers into continuously employable resources. Besides managing this Business School Sanjay is working on establishing a University and a K-12 school in the near future.