Comment on CBSE’s decision to tie up with Ramakrishna Mission to impart value based education to its students

Central Board of Secondary Education’s decision  to collaborate with the Ramakrishna Mission to impart value education to its students and make them “awakened” citizens by instilling these young mind with values such as peace, harmony, humility and cooperation. 

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On the same Prof. Uday Nath, Chief Academic Officer (CAO),  BasicFirst has expressed his views, as below

“There has always been a need to inculcate value based learning within our education system to ensure an all round development of the students. Value based education will develop role playing abilities among the students, thus help them become more responsible citizens This training will ensure that  the students become self-aware, better focused and remain motivated towards achieving their goals. During competitive exams such as IIT, boards students need to maintain their calmness and concentration. In such cases, value based learning will enable students to cope with pressure and thus achieving better results”.

About Prof. Uday Nath:

Prof. Uday Nath Mishra, 26 years of experience in edification, written 16 book for various publications which are available in market. Prof. Uday Nath Mishra
started his career as a lecturer and gained immense experience at IIT-JEE/Engineering level education. He has worked as academic advisor, writer and has been on the editorial board in JEE TIMES, Competition Science edge magazine, Mathematics Refresher, Competition Science, Science Patron and Hindustan Hindi Newspaper Patna career councilor.

About Basic First

Basicfirst, is a classrom and online blended coaching institute which was started in January, 2017 by a group of six experienced and expert teachers and professionals from IIT and IIM. The training module has been designed with the aim to prepare students of classes VI to XII to tackle exams of various boards, including CBSE, ICSE, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Jharkhand and Bihar and competitive exams such as NTSE, Olympiads, KVPY, SAT, AP, Pre-AP