‘Mannar Vahaiyara’ Tamil Movie Audio Launch


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“A lot of actors do not seem to wear Dhoties” Director Bhupathi Pandian  was upset in the ‘Mannar Vahaiyara’ Music launch ..!  

“My luck heroes transform producers” Director Bhupathi Pandian  excited to launch the music !  

Actor Vimal has difference on my opinion  ? Director Bhupathi Pandian at the music launch of the description  ..!  

Actress Anandhi asked for help from the Director Bhupathi Pandian  to Assistant Director chance ..!  

If “Everest too collapse but ‘Mannar Vahaiyara’ will release on Pongal release the Producer ensure that”  !

‘Mannar Vahaiyara’  is Another Varuththapadaatha Valibar Sangam typified the Producer confidence ..!  

‘Director Bhupathi Pandian who became compulsory poet for Mannar Vahaiyara  ..!

Actor Vimal become produced and acted on behalf  A3V Cinemas.   The film is  ‘Mannar Vahaiyara’  Commercial Director Bhupathi Pandian drive the film at the heroine ‘kayal’ Anandhi, Robo Shankar, Chandni Thamilarasan, Ilaiyalathilakam Prabhu, Saranya Ponvannan, Karthik Kumar, Singampuli, Yokibapu, Vamsi Krishna, Jayaprakash, Neelima Rani, Karate Raja as a star ensemble the film stars.

Director of Photography by P.G.Muthiah, Suraj Nallusami . Music Composed by Jacs Bijoy.   The film’s music launch ceremony, which was held at Prasad Lab ON 30th DECEMBER 2017, 10.30 am. Special guests at the festival Directors Directors Association President Vikraman, Perarasu, Producers Lakshmi Movie Makers Swaminathan, Escape Artist Madan, Tamil Nadu Theater Owners Association President Rohini Paneerselvam, including producer and Singaravelan participated.

Speaking on the occasion, the director Vikraman, “suddenly, that organized the festival, thanks for joining said Vimal. But I thought someone “set in the film roll in which a guest approached for act vimal.  Before that he agreed with the close of habit or not, I once heard. I will never forget it, he forgot. Director Bhupathi Pandian is very good at first sattire my pictures. I saw the angel in the movie film sattire Surya Vamsam, the did which film sattire in this film unknown, “he said blessed.

Director Perarasu said, “It is not for this festival came to an actor Vimal, Vimal as producer. Director Bhupathi Pandian Best screenplay writer after K.Bakyaraj . But today they surpassed both the politicians write the screenplay. And we have to be careful. Vimal’s losses in exchange for a film that would ensure profits. ” said.

Robo Sankar plays a key role in the film said, “Some of the films know that it certainly is a massive hit when we act. It seemed in this film. Mari, velainnuvanthuttaa Vellaikaaran reached the ‘king of comedy ‘Mannar Vahaiyara’ cause of my turning point. Moreover, how to Vadivel ‘Winner’  film will be like that for me, “he said.

Heroine Anandhi  spoke, “the film a lot of the comedy area tried in first time. Dance clubs imitate doubt make the Robo Shankar. I hope that you are out of work. Director Bhupathi Pandian said, sir, I was assistant director to work for a few to you, “I heard that chance. Seeing that he was greatly impressed by the sense of comedy timing, “he said.

Music Composer Jacs Bijoy spoke, “followed by the film of Thuruvam 16, composed of jouner else in the film,” he said. Director Bhupathi Pandian in which the ‘Unga Annanai pathiyum kavalai illai’ song, the Jacs Bijoy have set  rhythmic.  Vimal-Anandi dance and music, it looked like the location is definitely committed to youth song

Director Bhupathi Pandian said, “The Escape Artist is Madan this film was the first created to see the stars of the film, so it looks like backing. Vimal This film is then offered to prepare himself. There is a sign for me in my direction heroes starring Dhanush, Vishal  became successful producers. Accordingly, the journey begins on the Actor Vimal become successful producer. In support of his film making thanks to Singaravelan standing behind.

In shooting spot i have observed as a matter of the film. I do not put a lot of actors, right dhoties. We lost a little bit of our culture  that much. During shooting of a song sequence Vimal I speak for two days, but were due to the small difference of opinion. but, after speaking separately to say that than be talking to our helpers.

The film has cinematography Suraj Nallusami, he is like that, “the cinematographer who worked on the film is a son of pride for me. Jacs Bijoy composer , like Kamal constantly afraid of Tenali. But it would not go well with the film. I was editor of the film directed by Gobi ‘Thiruvilayadal Arambam’ assistant during filming Advice added. Today I say to myself to my film has grown to become an editor. Most importantly comedy break Saranya & Neelima’s featured  will spoken, “he said.

Distributor and Producer Singaravelan  spoke, “This film was released at that time began to produce pictures of  Vimal under performed commercially. But the story of the Director Bhupathi Pandian and confidence that the General Vimal’s films is the budget three times the spend money. but this minute to release the front of the ‘Mannar Vahaiyara’ movie business is finished, spent the money has come now, ” received the first success.

Malaikottai movie starring Vishal Director Bhupathi Pandian took 70 days. But the shooting of the film took a total of 83 days. It took almost 18 days to film scenes omitted. perfection seen that much. As the cost added, Director Bhupathi Pandian cut half of his salary. The film is certainly another ‘Varuththapadaatha Valibar Sangam’ would be no doubt.

In this film Vimal two years, there was no other course agree  misplaced. In 2018 he was 6 pictures are ready. In January -17 Vetrivel filmmaker vasanthamani direction Vimal, who plays the film’s shooting will commence in .

Make sure that the film festival Pongal realease. Some asked that a lot of pictures. Everest peak have to collapsed St.Thomas mount will fly off the film hit the screen for Pongal “Singaravelan said.

Pongal release of the film comes to the screen in 12th Jan 2018.

Vagaiyara Mannar – Official Teaser