Budget Reaction_Education Sector_Sanjay Padode, Secretary, Center for Developmental Education, IFIM Institutions

The comments for the education sector on today’s budget announcement by Mr. Sanjay Padode, Secretary, Center for Developmental Education, IFIM Institutions:

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“The move to expunge segmentation and treat education holistically is a great step by the government. There is a dire need to provide students with quality education to ensure a successful future. The 2018 budget seems promising to work toward the same.

Although the quality of education is still a concern, the implementation of the Institutes Of Eminence is set to fast track the sector onto a smoother and up skilled one.

Following the re-skilling movement, the country is set to employ 50 lakh youth where the government will share the cost of training. This works as an added advantage to the education sector where the government is also looking to increase the digital intensity.

The budget announcement sees great improvements and an optimistic future for the education sector. These alterations will definitely improve the quality of education and in turn result in a more skilled India.”