Priest-On-Demand: One-Stop Solution for all Your Spiritual Needs

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Get a priest on-demand by just making one phone call, it is as simple as that! Fully qualified priests with the right antecedents turn up at your doorstep to conduct any type of ceremony or ritual, all in the comfort of your home. From housewarming, birth ceremonies or ancestral rituals, our priests can handle the entire gamut of services.


All this and more at just the click of a button or by making one phone call! Astroved offers this unique service through their website, or through their customer care numbers: 9500095649/9600007573/9677299388.

You do not even need to worry about the essential Pooja or Homa items. AstroVed’s priests bring all the necessary items with them, all at a nominal cost.

AstroVed is a company of repute and established itself as a market leader. It is a pioneer in this field and offers a whole range of Vedic Astrology, Pooja and Homa services for the benefit of its clients. AstroVed started the priest on-demand servicein the year 2012 and currently there are six priests in its payroll.

The cost of conducting the rituals varies, depending on the venue where it is performed. Most of us could miss out a few vital items while shopping for the Pooja and Homa. However, this need not be of concern as our priests bring all the necessary items to conduct the ritual according to Vedic specifications.

A highly qualified team of Astrologers is also available to guide clients to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life. Accurate readings based on the birth details of the person can help greatly in resolving certain issues, which block the path of progress. Customers are forearmed with all the necessary details to solve and nullify their problems.

Poojas and Homas can also be scheduled, customized and performed depending on the client’s requirements.

This service is not restricted to Chennai city alone, but can be availed even in neighboring states like Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, where there is a huge demand for this.