DCM Shriram Ltd. 2nd Interim dividend declared at 170% i.e Rs 3.40 per

equity share of face value Rs 2 for FY 2017-18

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The Board of Directors at its meeting held today has declared 2nd interim dividend of 170% i.e Rs 3.40 per equity share of face value Rs 2/- for financial year 2017-18..

The Chemicals business has provided growth and stability to the group and it will continue to be a key pillar of our overall growth ambitions in the coming years.

Under this vision, we had successfully executed a 500 + Tonnes Per Day (TPD) Chlor Alkali expansion in 2016-17 which is currently running at its full capacity. Further we are in the process of executing approximately 500 Tonnes Per Day Chlor-Alkali capacity including the 186 Tonnes Per Day expansion approved today at an investment of Rs 113 Crores . The commissioning of these capacities is expected to be completed in multiple phases by April 2019, taking our overall Chlor-Alkali capacity to about 1850 Tonnes Per Day.

In the medium- term we plan to further expand our chemical business and are studying the possibility of adding approximately 1000 Tonnes Per Day of Chlor-Alkali capacity, supported by downstream products to leverage our strength in the business.

For Further information, please contact:

Aman Pannu

Head- Corporate Communications

DCM Shriram Ltd